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Mobile applications development

Mobile phones are without a doubt the domain of our time. Everybody carries one in a pocket and they are our aids, we cannot imagine a single day without them. Mobile phones are not meant just for phone call, they became a fully-functional platform for almost any application.

According to the research on smartphone usage, conducted in January 2011 by Zokem agency, an average user spends 667 minutes a month by using mobile phone application. This is more than the time spent on making phone calls!


Our priority is a development of mobile applications for iOS, which is employed by Apple iPhone and today's most popular tablet - Apple iPad. We will develop an application according to your needs and help you place on AppStore, from where it can be easily downloaded by anybody.


We are also able to create applications operating under Android operating system developed by Google, which is besides mobile phones frequently utilized in tablets.


BlackBerry telephones, which used to be a privilege of managers mainly because of the hardware keyboard, are becoming more and more popular.

Windows Phone

Due to recently announced cooperation of the companies Nokia and Microsoft, the development of Windows Mobile is more promising, than it has ever been.


Even though Symbian is a rather old-fashioned platform, it still has a sizable participation on the market and it pays of to develop its applications.

Direct-Services is offering you an option of making yourself more visible even in this field by the means of our tailor made applications. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to hear you out and provide assistance.

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