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Zoomint Analytics Explorer

We have developed Python (Django), Backbone.js application for speech analysis.

Client: ZOOM International
Type: Web application
Scope: Python (Django), Backbone.js
Executed: 2015

The application allows you to upload any audio file and transfer it into the text form.

Its options are not limited by that, because you can search through words or phrases in multiple languages (e.g. Czech, Polish, Russian, English).

When you click through some particular phrase the app will automatically redirect the playback and you can hear it without any waiting or manual clicking through the record.

This tool is very effective when it comes to analysis of conference calls, supervising info line operators and for many other cases, because its possibilities are endless.

No more worries with operators not following your scripts, forgot to inform the caller about some legal obligations or if they not have the best effectivity in general.

Advanced speech analysis helped many businesses with the cross sale techniques and to promote their products or services. We introduce to you Zoomint Analytics Explorer.

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