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Creating websites

Direct Services s.r.o. creates prime websitescompany presentations, as well as internet portals. When creating websites, we focus on its good arrangement, proper functionality and pleasant design. We also set grounds for SEO while creating code and text for the website

In terms of creating websites, we offer complete as well as sectional services.

  • creating complete graphic design of the websites including the logo.
  • developing every application for the website
  • website coding
  • creating website text (copywriting)
  • translations to foreign languages
  • consequent internet marketing
  • creating business cards, leaflets and other materials (according to the CI of the website)

Thanks to many years of webdesign experience we can assure our clients, that their presentation  or portal will not just look good, it will also function properly and appear on the leading positions in search engines.

Company presentations

Nowadays, new company presentations are created on a daily basis. We live in an era, in which the internet is an indispensable part of our lives, therefore, most of the companies have their websites. Our goal is to create websites, that will improve your competitiveness.

Internet portals

Development of a new portal is always conducted by a team of skilled experts and led by an experienced project manager. It is vital for the teamwork to be well organized because the development is very demanding and it requires continuous cooperation of several experts.

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