Direct-services s.r.o.

Direct-services s.r.o. is a company providing complete services in the IT sector with specialization on the application development and Linux server administration.


There is usually several co-workers participating in the project (designer, copywriter, SEO specialist and others), every single one of them is an expert in his area of expertise.

Our services

Our company is set on three main pillars, which are:

Application development

When developing an application, we pursue its good comprehensibility and usability for every user. We take for granted that a contact form is a part of every internet presentation. Content management systems, that we produce, are very transparent and our e-shops are loaded with functions.

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Websites and e-commerce

We understand webdesign to be a wide concept, part of which can be creation of a new logo and the whole CI for brand new projects or companies as well as redesign and upgrade of currently existing websites. In terms of webdesign we also create flash animations and banner advertisements for our clients.

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Internet marketing

Internet marketing is a very large domain, which doesn't concern just search engine optimization and linkbuilding. As a part of our internet marketing, Direct Services s.r.o. offers more, such as PPC advertisement or copywriting. We offer ``full service``, in other words we offer complex services within one agency.

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All three points are of the same importance to us, none falls behind the others. Therefore, we offer prime services in all three key areas. We know, that a good website must be perfect in many aspects.

What we do?

We help companies and startups to grow. Our company specializes in services like application development, website creation, e-commerce solutions, mobile appllications development and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our experts are able to process any project assignments from the description phase, through the realization, subsequent release and propagation of the given project.

Our specialization

  • Our specialization is to offer highly professional, thorough services in creating and advertising internet projects according to our client’s needs. If you want your websites to be perfect, we are your best option. Do not hesitate to share your goals with us.

Price list

Direct-Services s.r.o. assures professional and thorough products for reasonable prices. Because our range of products is very broad and our approach to every client is individual, it is not possible for us to exactly specify the price list.

If you are considering cooperation with us and wonder how much costs it would add to your project, please, contact us. We will create a budget for your project free of charge.

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Don’t leave anything to chance and choose solutions that really work.

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