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Get as much from Facebook as you can. Have us create a ready-made Facebook application for you. The social networks move the world of internet. The most popular community server of today is Facebook. It is used by women, men, juniors, seniors, small companies and even large global corporations. This social network grows dynamically. The ever-growing number of user is a proof of this. Their overall number has passed 600 million a long time ago.

Not even the Czech Republic could avoid this phenomenon. More and more of Czech people today create profiles on Facebook and use them daily. In the Czech Republic, more than 3 million people actively use Facebook, which represents a total of 28% of this country’s population. The ratio between women and men is roughly 51% to 49%.
Young users under 24 years make up almost a half of all the Czech users on Facebook. All of these people wish to be in contact with the surrounding world. They wish to communicate. To entertain themselves. Every day, millions of Czech users on Facebook log in to their accounts mainly for the purpose of playing games. Daily, these users make use of the large amount of applications and accessories. Thanks to these they send out birthday wishes, fight boredom, and inform others of ongoing events and other important happenings. In general, they spend a large amount of time on this site.

The business potential of Facebook is massive. If your company has a web page or an e-shop, it is more than fitting to connect it to Facebook. You have the chance to communicate with your clients, build up the awareness of your brand and obtain feedback directly from your customers. Facebook applications are a perfect tool of marketing. You can use it mainly for your own propagation purposes – for the starting of sales and exceptional offers, promotional events and competitions. In a short time, you can, thanks to one well-made application for Facebook, address a huge amount of potential future customers and present your product to them. That is why Facebook applications come to use more and more often.

Facebook games and applications have a positive effect on the user. Differently from other types of advertisement, people actively look for and share prize competitions and entertaining games for Facebook. They like to play and compete with one another and their friends in various gaming disciplines. Their results and scores are then presented directly in the profile of each user. All the users share the knowledge about a certain application among their virtual friends by simply trying it out. This causes the mass propagation of your brand. While playing and competing, all of the players learn together in an unforced form about your products or the brand of a specific company. It is a very attractive marketing tool, which offers you a cheap propagation of your product or brand. You will be able to administrate the data about all the users who allowed the application to share them. You gain access to the data which the user input during their registration into their Facebook profile. You may then use them for further marketing activities. With the use of a Facebook application, you can as well afterwards easily draw and announce the winner of a competition.

Facebook is a world where you have to show yourself. Our quality Facebook applications will help you to be seen. Move your business forward by a considerable margin. Use fully the potential of Facebook. Contact us and describe to us what you desire the product to be like and leave the rest to us. Immediately, we will send you a price calculation, ideas and the designs of possible solutions.


Understanding what your goals are with the subsequent thorough analysis of your requirements in terms of look, content and functionality.



Implementation of our solution or development from the scratch for customers with specific requirements and high expectations.



After successful testing and customer approval the project is launched.



It is an important step which makes sure that your application works with efficiency all the time.


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