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You have probably seen flash applications on the internet many times. Unlike classic HTML, flash applications are more interactive. This is the reason why is flash used to program funny applications and games.

Flash applications and games have become very popular throughout the internet mainly because of its high interactivity and low demands on data transfer. More and more websites are using flash elements or applications, some servers are even based on flash applications.

Flash as a programming language is able to process any data on your server, therefore it can provide more than just effective animations. It can be used to build an application, that will be graphically superior alternative to a common website.

Besides big flash projects, such as elaborate applications or games, flash elements are commonly used on many websites – we can see it used as an interactive means of viewing pictures, reading internet versions of books and magazines etc.

Well handled flash application may play a significant role in so called “viral internet campaign”, which spreads amongst users just because the visitors are likely to tell their friends about it. In combination with social networks it can – depending on the nature of your business – be a very effective means of advertisement.

The company Direct-services is very well capable to fulfill any of your demands in the field of flash design – from mere enlivening of your presentation through flash advertisements up to elaborate flash projects with a potential to become very popular amongst its future users.


Understanding what your goals are with the subsequent thorough analysis of your requirements in terms of look, content and functionality of your application.



Development of the application, API web service utilization for customers with specific requirements and high demands.



After successful testing and customer approval the application is deployed on the server and available to users.



It is an important step which makes sure that your application works with efficiency all the time.


Selected work samples

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