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It is an undeniable fact, that user-friendliness of the presentation is the basis of success in the field of internet marketing. If the user cannot orientate in the website soon enough, he will leave and so will your profit, which is vital to any form of business.

Everybody is different, it is therefore impossible to estimate a reaction to your presentation of a number of users based on a reaction of several individuals. Fortunately, there are methods that can objectively and accurately test it.

The usability test enables you to gain valuable information on which version of the presentation to choose. One of the most effective and  reliable methods it the A/B test.

Unlike other methods of testing, A/B usability test does not require any expensive test centre. When the test is conducted, several versions of the presentation is created in a way, that they differ by one detail only. Both versions are tested by a group of subjects and the variation with the best results is used.

Even though it is relatively cheap method of testing, it is necessary to have a lot of experience in the field to achieve a satisfactory outcome – e.g. what variations to test. With a lack of experience the test may resolve in a loss of time. This is the reason why we recommend that you entrust professionals with this task.

The company Direct-Services will prepare a usability test for you quickly and for a reasonable price. Increase your competitive ability on the internet and arrange an appointment for the test – you will be surprised how big differences can the little details make. It may as well be the line between being successful or not.

A/B Testing

A/B testing, or split testing, is a process where you are running a simultaneous experiment between two pages to see which performs better. It is a method for validating that any new addition or change to your webpage will actually improve it’s conversion rate. An A/B test consists of creating alternative pages for a specific page, showing each of them to a predetermined percentage of visitors. In a classic A/B test, you test two versions – Version A is commonly the existing design (the “control”) and version B is the “challenger”. You can easily test different design,  CTA elements and various times when your compaign is being sent during the day.

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