Algida Magnum

A web presentation of the Algida (Magnum) brand.


UNILEVER ČR, spol. s.r.o.







For the Unilever (Algida) company we have created a web presentation of its ice cream products of the Magnum brand.


The Magnum ice cream brand belongs among the most loved in the world and its products are ranked as premium, thanks to its flavour. The typical attribute of the Magnum ice cream is a high-quality surface of real chocolate, made from Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa. The Magnum products also contain Madagascar vanilla and the endeared Magnum Almond variant contains real Californian almonds. The Magnum line also consists of many ice creams, which are gluten-free.


In the year 2018, Magnum brings something new into the Magnum Classic line – a Magnum created from true Belgian chocolate – Magnum Praliné. The favourite Magnum Double line also expands with the addition of Magnum Double Coconut.

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