Moneta Money Bank - Money Genius

A Facebook game which presents the products provided by Moneta Money Bank (previously called GE Money Bank), such as shopping with a credit card.


MONETA Money Bank, a.s.


Facebook application


xHTML, CSS, Flash, PHP



Money Genius is a complex game simulating the building of a household and the solutions of, mainly financial, situations arising from this. The target is to support the product side of specific items offered by Moneta Money Bank (previously called GE Money Bank), through the Facebook social network.


The game’s principle is such, that the player becomes the owner of an apartment for which they buy furniture, according to their whim, with the financial means available. The game field of the apartment automatically expands with the adding of friends, who become new neighbours of the player. With these the player can send gifts to others and watch how they furnish their apartments themselves. Just like in real world, the player must regularly obtain life energy and money. Energy can be obtained by studying and answering questions on the topic of everyday life, such as the household’s economics, housing, investments, contracts and purchases. Some of the obtained knowledge can be later used directly in the game. First, however, they must work to make money with, which they can buy furniture, appliances and other accessories for their apartment. A credit card is also available, which, if well used, can utilise the interest-free period or regularly pay the emergent debt fully at once and avoid the interest fee.


The game contains a series of flash minigames, which are a direct part of it and react to the actions made by the user during their work.


We also create similar Facebook games in combination with HTML5/JavaScript.

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