SONY – Your smile

Web application Sony Your smile – a marketing communication of cameras.


Sony Europe Limited


Web application


HTML, Javascript, Flash, PHP



The marketing project Sony Your smile had the target of acquainting the market through an entertaining and non-forced way with the new Sony camera function – „Smile shutter“, which through the automatic detection of faces/smiles is capable of focusing on the face exactly at the moment of the smile and automatically capturing the perfect image.


The communication was based upon a photographic competition, where people uploaded their best images, which contained smiling people to the web, and could, along with a professional jury, rate them as well. A map of smiles – interconnecting the photo gallery with Google maps, allowed them to effectively reach the goal, which based upon the automatic connection of the uploaded photo with the ZIP code, created a dynamic map of the Czech Republic, displaying the regions with the most smiles. The participating users had the option of printing their images in a Sony centre of their choice and were included in the competition for the prizes of photographic sets, hot air balloon rides with the competing image printed on a plastic foil of 3 x 3 metres in dimension hanging from the bottom of the basket.


An integrated image campaign was also a part of the project, which ran mainly on community- and photo-servers. Dynamically generated flash banners, which contained the competing images from real users of the servers, were used in the campaign. This marginally increased the trustworthiness and attractiveness of this campaign on the receiving end.


The microsite received 100 thousand unique visitors. 6 thousand images were signed into the competition. Besides the marketing goal, this campaign also led towards the strengthening of the emotional relationship of customers with the Sony brand. The project had a charitative undertone. For each uploaded image Sony donated 5 Czech crowns to the Zdravotní klaun foundation.


We have created the complete web application including the flash elements for displaying the user images for the SONY marketing campaign your smile.

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