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Creating logos

If you are new to the world of business, you will most likely appreciate the creativity of our graphic designers,  who will walk you through the entire process “step by step” and who will offer you an adequate and attractive form of your logo. Even though it does not seem so, the logo is a very important component of a successful marketing.

If you think about the most successful companies in the world, the first thing that comes to your mind is their logo. Everyone knows, how the Coca Cola logo looks like, and subconsciously it is linked with the product. We could go on. Dodge, MacDonald’s and many others. Your company may not become as vast and successful as the above mentioned ones, however, everybody has a chance for success. If you company is not presented by an appropriate and catchy logo, it is possible that many of the potential customers will overlook it.

Corporate identity creation (CI)

Creation of a company logo falls under the terms of CI (for new companies), nevertheless, CI is mainly meant for companies with tradition and clientele, which have not yet entered the internet market, for companies that have CI but it is not corresponding to their logo and for companies that are not satisfied by their current CI and just want to change it.

Whether you have a clear idea about the form of your CI or if you just want to enliven your design, we will find a solution for you. Our designers will present you with several designs, from which you can choose the one, that will be the most interesting for you and your clients.

It does not take just a good idea to create an appropriate corporate identity. It also takes a sense of detail and color combinations. Years of practice also play a great role in the field of graphic design. We have all of this in our disposal.

Selected work samples

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