Flash animations, banners

What we offer

Flash animations are a part of our complete web design services, which we offer to our clients.

Flash animations are frequently used as an accessory to most of the websites. Some websites are build entirely in flash. Lately, this is not preferred, because more and more people are browsing websites on their mobile phones, which makes accessing such a website time consuming and in some cases even impossible.

Nowadays, the most common uses of flash animations are:

  • flash intros
  • flash presentations
  • flash menus
  • flash banners
  • flash games
  • enlivening of the company logo

What are the flash animations for?

Nowadays, flash animations serve two main purposes. The first is to get the customers attention, the second is to enliven the website.

What effect do the flash animations have on customers?

If the flash animation entertains the customer and captures his attention, so the customer will click through your website or its specific page, it has fulfilled its purpose. Flash menus and logo are solely for enlivening your website.

When to use flash animations?

You should use flash animations with care. It has been proven, that the right application of this means can capture customers attention, however, if used improperly, it can discourage the customer altogether.

Selected work samples

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