LetsLynk (Eventbase)

For the company HG Apps Store Ltd. from Great Britain and their start up named LetsLynk (Eventbase), we have created mobile phone applications on the iOS and Android platforms. Furthermore an application in the AngularJS Framework.


HG Apps Store Ltd.


Web and mobile application


HTML, Angular, Java, Objective-C



The application provides, simply put, all of the administration concerning the organising of events, from registration, entry access checks, the movement between singular presenters itself and the collection of material (using QR codes directly for your account), to extensive online statistics evaluating visitors and their activity in real time. Each of these applications uses several API interfaces to ensure the communication and synchronisation of data of several user roles. The whole is also closely tied together with social networks and informs its users about changes and news through push notifications.


Acquisition of the whole start up under the wings of a globally operating Canadian company Eventbase Technology Inc. happened shortly after finalization. The whole is thus carried on under the name Eventbase.



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