Lilly Trigger Insulins for tablets

We have created an effective tool for the presentation and the offer of products of the medicinal range of goods of the international company Lilly.




Mobile application


iOS/Objective-C, HTML5/Javascript



A tablet application is the ideal helper to communicate with clients, intended for sales managers, or in this case, pharmaceutical representatives. It is a simple way to present the newest products, including comparative animated graphs and transition effects. It is designed for the interaction of clients with the offered variants and it answers many possible technical questions, which could arise considering the topic. A matter of course is the automatic download of the newest update and the use of the language selected in the device itself at the moment of the first start-up.


This application is divided into two parts – first of which is represented in the native iOS app and the second is a responsive HTML5/JavaScript web presentation, optimised for tablets. All of this is fully functional, even in the case of off-line browsing.

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