A web presentation of the Alive card project.


GTS ALIVE s.r.o.




Complete realization



The ALIVE card is an identification card, which is bound to a programme of benefits appreciated mainly by students of combined and part-time forms of studying, who till this day did not have the ability to use the ISIC or IYTC cards, and their school cards which, besides the ability to use them in the enclosed environment of the school, did not provide any other benefits, specifically the attractive discount programme.


Besides students, the ALIVE card is also intended for the use by members of sport clubs and associations, where based on the school system, exists as a unique added value to the current membership cards, which till this day did not have much use.


Here, we have created a web presentation for the Alive card, including a custom-tailored graphical design. Several flash animations were also a part of the delivery.

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