Ověření Plátce DPH

Did you know that the liability for an unreliable taxpayer has been in operation since the beginning of April 2013, in connection with the amendment to the Value Added Tax Act, and what does it all mean to you?


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If the provider does not pay the VAT they are marked as an „unreliable payer“, and you as a subscriber, are liable for their un-paying of the VAT. If the taxpayer did not meet the tax, the liable company has to pay instead = YOU! The VAT payer checker is a tool of immediate control and will automatically notify you if any of your providers gets on the blacklist of unreliable VAT payers. The notification can also be set up for the Insolvency Register or the company can be lustrated manually in the Business and the aforementioned Insolvency Register. In the application’s settings, you may choose, besides the interval, the restriction of data transfer and in the background only with a Wi-Fi connection, which means your data will not be depleted. You may also search, with the whisperer’s help, by the name or the company’s ID. This means it is not necessary to know the exact VAT ID of the provider. All of the data can be organised and filtered. The reliability of the application’s provider checks only the official database of the Ministry of Finances. The searched subjects are not sent out from the device or furthermore used in any way, which means that everything stays completely in your hands.

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