NFC Profiles+ for Smart Volume Control+

A plugin for switching sound profiles through NFC tags.


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Mobile application


Complete realization



This Smart Volume Control + plug-in allows the user to use NFC tags to switch audio profiles and much more. No entries need to be written on the tags and you can also use the previously written ones.


How to switch profiles:
1) Choose NFC in the „Planning“ bookmark of the Smart Volume Control app
2) Click on the green „+“ icon next to the profile, which you wish to pair with a tag
3) Choose either a pre-existing tag through the NFC tag manager or click New NFC tag
4) The dialog with a call to add an NFC tag
5) Add the tag  to the back side of an NFC compatible device
6) After the tag is loaded, a new dialog will appear with the option to put in the name of the tag
7) Add any name and confirm by clicking the „OK“ button.
8) Now you can switch between profiles by merely putting the back of your device to an NFC tag


In case of any conflict with other NFC applications, you can do the following: If you have an Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean device, open Settings -> Application Manager -> ALL -> NameOfYourTagApplications -> Clear Default Settings.


Your device‘s screen must be turned on for your phone to scan NFC tags. This is a limitation of the Android operating system that cannot be affected by our application.


The plug-in scans the unique NFC tag identifier. This means you do not need to write any data to the tag. Instead of the tag, you can also use any NFC support card. For example travel card, access card, student card, ski pass, or whatever else you have available. These cards can then be linked to switch any profile with settings available in Smart Volume Control.


One of the user scenarios can be, for example, embedding an NFC tag in a car. Once scanned, it can enable Bluetooth and launch a navigation application of your choice.


Do you like to ride a bike or a motorbike while listening to music via Bluetooth? Maybe next time you would rather start the tracking application, or the Speed volume mode and headphone mode in Smart Volume Control, right? Attach the tag to your tank bag, scan it with your phone, and everything is set up. You can also use this procedure when you go for a run.


Using NFC profiles, you can simply switch system settings such as WiFi on / off status by merely hovering over the tag. If you are tired of constantly turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, and changing the ringtone at night to be quiet, just do the opposite the next morning and put a tag on your bedside table, because this plug-in was created just for you.


Whatever situation you might be in, switching your profile using the NFC tag will not take longer than 1 second.


This plug-in has been tested on NFC compliant devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.
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